Holy Water


My wish is to touch those in need of Healing or Lifes requests.


You may purchase one seven mil bottle of Holy Water to be used in Healing and Cleansing of your mind, body and spirit. This Holy Water has been prayed over and blessed by many, requesting an Anointing of God's love and the power to heal, or bring to you That which you ask for. The power of the Universe is a oneness Of love and light waiting to be accepted and embraced by all. The cost of this vial of love and healing is minimal to cover shipping And handling of $7.00. You may send check or money order to:


Tamara Lesley

109 Dogwood Rd

Medway, OH 45341


You will receive it within 7 days or sooner upon receipt of request. You are more than welcome to request a healing prayer also for No charge. The Healing Touch may be done by distance through Working with you through your energy of your God force. May God bless you on your journey through your choices of life Experiences. Choose to see the good in everyone, and rejoice In the pureness of God's love. Our prayers are with you.

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If you have comments or suggestions, email me at : tlesley@sbcglobal.net

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