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Indian Guide

My husband, friends, and I were trail riding one day in the woods. We were enjoying the woods, and the occasional glimpses of wildlife, through the thick of the trees. We were taking pictures of each other, when spirit said, � You will find me in a picture.� We went on about the ride, and enjoyed the serene beauty of the woods. Weeks later, we developed the film. Much to my surprise, I heard, �You will find me in the picture,� again. I opened the package and looked at the first picture.
The picture was of my husband on his horse, with my Indian Guide in the background. You can see him standing behind my husband in the trees looking straight at me. What a joy, and surprise for spirit to actually allow us to capture a picture of him.


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You can easily see Silver Eagel, my Indian Guide on the right side of each picture. He is the Brown form standing behind the trees and brush. Notice the reaction of the horse.

Indian Maiden

I also have a picture of an Indian maiden in a tree, with water swirling beneath her. I caught this picture at Dollywood, Tennessee while on vacation with my family. What a beautiful place to visit. We even met and enjoyed a visit with Randy Parton, who is Dolly Parton�s brother. He has a great show, and is a wonderful entertainer. We left him with a gift of life for him to enjoy, which was a Bengal cat, or toy leopard. His love for life and people shine through his laughter, and wit. His spirit shines through his whole being the same as the light from Dolly. Both are marvelous entertainers, and have a deep love for their families. If you haven't been there, then you must visit Dollywood in Tennessee. The mountains in Gatlinburg, and the Smokey Mountains are places you will never forget.

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This picture was taken at the Grand Canyons. Our daughter Rachel was nine years old at the time. I asked Spirit to appear in the picture and felt goose bumps which is my confirmation that they are there. Look to the right back side of Rachel and you will see a young boy dressed in a yellow shirt and pants. He has blonde hair cut across the forehead and you can make out his face. Behind him you can make out a small shanty where he probabably lived. The top of the roof of the shanty is a tree limb so follow that line and you can see the place where he most likely lived. Above Rachels head is also a light area where there may be a Spirit. Look closely and see what you can make out of it.

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This is a picture taken with our Digital camera at 3:00 a.m. where we were investigating a house that the owners moved out of because they felt the house was haunted. We heard furniture being dragged around in the attic and a closet door slam. Later we also heard a loud noise in the kitchen. I took this picture in the dark of night and asked Spirit to show itself. I received one large Orb that appeared to be going through the farm fence back to the Family grave yard about two hundred yards back. I walked around the house in the rain taking pictures and that is all that I caught. We made a DVD of the experience we had in the house with both video and audio. I do believe that there is a Poltergeist that will remain there and refuses to leave. He tries to scare people away, but we were not deterred. The owners refuse to live in the house and were thankful for our opinion and help. There was a young boy that I believe was the Man's son and his Spirit was hiding in the crawl space of the attic. I explained to him that he was dead and that he needed to go into the light to meet his loved ones and be at peace. I felt his arms around me and then he held my hand as I talked him into going into the tunnel and into the light with two Angels that I felt surround him. He immediately left, leaving me with a feeling of joy and relief for his release.

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