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Transmitting and Receiving

A Children’s Book

Written by: Tamara L. Lesley

Tommy and Dusty were in the sixth grade and were classmates as well as neighbors. Mrs. Lewis was their teacher that worked very hard to teach the children about life in order to prepare them for adulthood and to recognize that each person deserves attention in order to grow and learn respect for one another. Love for her students came naturally because she had chosen to teach children the basic knowledge of reading and writing, but also to see that they could be anything that they chose to be in life. She wanted to show them joy and laughter in the classroom and make learning as easy and enjoyable as she could.

It was Monday and Mrs. Lewis said that she had chosen a topic for them to study and discuss in an open format. She wanted the class to participate in investigating and experimenting with a subject that would allow them to share their thoughts with the class. This subject would prove to be much deeper and more inspirational than she thought that it would be as the days went on.

Mrs. Lewis was surprised with all of the information that she would have to learn to share with the class including the vibrations of love between two people as they met and fell in love with one another. She was not sure how she would introduce this part of the subject but knew that it was all part of life and quite natural.

The subject consisted of only two words, but those two words began to have a whole new meaning to her. The two words were ‘vibrations’ and ‘frequencies.’ Connected they would become ‘vibrational frequencies’ and that was what she intended to teach the class. She wanted them to experience that we are all a part of one another regardless of financial status, race, nationality, or religion. 

She had originally thought that this would be a fairly easy subject to teach. She had not thought about how important the very action of both words combined contributed to our everyday life. Our life depended on vibrational frequencies every moment to keep the Earth alive and turning on its axis, and to sustain even our breathing or movement of our bodies. Even the atmosphere was charged with vibrational frequencies from the weather, the sun, the moon, and the movements from the clouds and the electromagnetic field of motion.

On the chalkboard she had written the meaning of both words from the dictionary before the class entered the room. The words appeared to be difficult to explain but she had a plan to show the children how to understand both words combined by a few simple examples.

She pointed to the words on the chalkboard and asked them to read the definitions and then think about how the words could be connected to one another. She asked them to think about what the word ‘vibration’ meant and then add the definition of ‘frequencies’ to it. Both words combined would be ‘vibrational frequencies.’

Mrs. Lewis was a little worried that she had chosen a tough topic as she looked at the classes’ reaction. She wanted to challenge the children to think about something that would make them question the complexity of life and yet see how simple the action of the words worked together quite magically.

She asked Jon to stand up and read the definition of ‘vibration’, which he did with flair. She then asked Lori to read the definition of ‘frequencies.’ They both looked at each other as they stood up to read what was on the bulletin board. Jon seemed to be interested but a little wary about the homework for this subject. Lori read the definition of ‘frequencies’ with hesitation. She hated to be singled out in class and dreaded to stand up and talk in front of the class.

Lori was petrified to even think of having to take a test on ‘vibrational frequencies.’ She thought that this was something they should be studying in high school and wondered what the teacher was thinking. They both sat down and shrugged their shoulders at the class looking a little puzzled.

Lori couldn’t believe that Mrs. Lewis expected them to remember everything about this subject unless she had a trick up her sleeve to help them. She thought that this subject was way over her head as she sat looking at the chalkboard. She was hoping that she could understand the meaning of at least one of the words well enough to pass the test at the end of the subject matter. She was usually quite smart but these words frightened her to even begin to comprehend the meaning of them combined. To her the word ‘vibrate’ meant to move quickly, as in quiver or to move quicker than the eye can see, as in vibrational sound waves. She understood that much at least and felt a little relieved by that thought. She dreaded this week but did not know that the class was in for a treat as they learned more this week through verbal interaction with one another. Each day would bring about a change in the way all of the children thought about learning.

Mrs. Lewis said that ‘vibrational frequencies’ go hand in hand and she smiled. She said that she could see the anxious reactions from the class. She told them not to worry that it would all fall into place and they would soon see that this subject could be quite fun and inspiring to learn.

This is what made her a good teacher because she was always looking for ways to get the attention of each student so that she could make learning easier for them. She took her job seriously and truly enjoyed seeing each child as a unique individual with different needs.

As she was talking she was playing with a yo-yo. She was walking around the class doing different maneuvers with it such as walking the dog and other little tricks that her son Dane had taught her. She was having fun watching the children look so perplexed yet surprised by her actions. She could hear some of them whispering and laughing among themselves at her.

She was quite confident that she would soon make them feel a little easier about their new assignment. They would find that this week was going to be a new way of learning, by hands on activities and by learning more about how you think and feel when a subject begins to consume your every thought.

The class started laughing out loud at her and was even more surprised when she started playing a drum and a violin that she had borrowed from music class to prove her point. She didn’t know how to play either instrument but she knew that this would show the children what she meant by ‘vibrations.’

She told them to listen to the deep vibrations resonating from the drum as she struck the drum slowly and loudly. She asked Billy to come up and feel the vibrations as he struck the drum. He looked surprised and said that he could feel the vibrations in his hands running up through his arms. He rubbed his arms and sat down understanding the meaning of vibrations without realizing it.

Mrs. Lewis invited the class to take turns playing the drum, sharing it with one another for a couple of minutes. Now everyone was beginning to understand the new word ‘vibration’ without any trouble. They were surprised by the depth of the vibrations that vibrated up their arms and into their body. It was a pleasant feeling to feel the force of the sound running up through their arms as they struck the drum.

Next she asked them to listen to the ‘vibrational frequencies’ as she tried awkwardly to play the violin. As she drew the bow across the strings it squeaked and squealed enough for everyone to hold their ears and laugh at how funny she was today. She tried very hard to make the sounds so displeasing that the class wouldn’t have any trouble understanding the meaning of the two words combined. She could barely stand to hear the high pitched screech of the bow dragging across the violin and laughed as she gingerly sat it down on her table careful to put it safely away.

She asked them if they could hear and feel the difference in the ‘vibrational frequencies’ between the drum and the violin. They all agreed that they could and were happy that she had stopped. They clapped for her awkward performance and she bowed graciously. She told them that they had returned their vibrations of love and interest to her by their clapping for her.

She asked Jason what he had felt by her playing the violin. Jason said that the vibrations were much higher, and that it made him feel like it did when someone ran their finger down the chalkboard. He said, “I’m sorry Mrs. Lewis but you need to take lessons before you play the violin. I can’t bear the sound.”

Everyone was laughing as she was putting on her show of the meaning of ‘vibrations and frequencies.’

She then bounced a ball unexpectedly across the room to Nicci. As soon as Nicci caught the ball she instinctively bounced it to Tony that was sitting near her.

Tony looked at Rachel and bounced it to her laughing because he had caught her by surprise. Rachel dribbled it several times on the floor and then bounced it to Dane. Soon everyone was bouncing the ball to one another and the class was becoming a noisy playroom. They had forgotten that they were studying and were having a lot of fun with the ball.

Mrs. Lewis was hoping that her show of movement and sound would cause the class to apply their actions with the two words combined. She wanted to help them to understand the meaning of the words easier than the definitions sounded from the dictionary.

Mrs. Lewis clapped her hands and caught the ball in between a bounce, and asked for the class to quiet down and listen to what she wanted to share with them. All of the children were ready to sit back down for time out. Lori thought that this subject might not be so hard after all if the day was going to be filled with contact sports and games.

Mrs. Lewis sat on the edge of her desk breathing hard and laughing at the reaction of the children. She saw the opportunity to share a well-known saying with them that she remembered from her mother, “Action brings about reaction.” She told them that their laughter and joy was contagious and that what you put out is what you receive.

She said, “For instance if you go home and pick a fight with your brother because he played one of your CDs, then he will in return react with anger and may even break the CD. Your actions made him react out of anger causing both of you bad vibrations between one another.”

She finished by saying, “You could have went home and asked who had used your CD, and why it was out of its case. Your brother may have said that he had been listening to it and apologized for not putting it where it belonged. You probably wouldn’t have minded if he had asked, or if he had put it back where it belonged.”

She shared her thoughts with the class about the words of the week both separately and combined, making sure that everyone understood what she was trying to teach them.

She then asked them to copy the definitions in their notebook because they would be discussing both of them singly and combined this week both at home and at school. She pointed to the chalkboard and told them to copy the words and definitions so that they would have them in their notebook for further reference.

 The words were written one under the other. She wrote the word and the meaning so that the children could remember the meaning of either word. She had tried to make the definitions as easy as possible without leaving out any of the meaning.

She wrote: vibration – is a quivering or trembling motion or movement, which is also called oscillation. To quiver is an instance of vibration or the action of wavering. It is a periodic motion that may be seen or felt as a distinctive usually emotional atmosphere capable of being sensed by feelings, sound or even by vibrational thoughts coming from the act of humming or singing.

 The following word was ‘frequencies’. It was written below the definition of’ vibration.’ She wrote: ‘frequencies’-the number of repetitions of a periodic process in a unit of time, such as the number of complete oscillations per second of energy (as sound or electromagnetic radiation) in the form of thought waves or radio waves.

She had told the class that the ‘vibrations’ and ‘frequencies’ of vibrations cause many changes and mysteries in our world and that some are not yet proven nor solved. ”Life is full of mystery and these two words have many meanings and involve many different areas of our life unseen,” she added.

“Many vibrations are quite easy to explain such as the vibrations of touch and the feelings of anger, love or laughter that we sometimes feel from other people through their vibrations being directed towards us. We also transmit vibrations to others sometimes without thinking about how we are going to affect them without even speaking. Just a hateful look, or a snicker can cause another person pain,” she explained.

 Rachel raised her hand and asked, “You mean that we should think before we speak, and that our actions speak louder than our words?” Mrs. Lewis put her hands on Rachel’s shoulders and said, “You must be listening to some of what your mother is trying to teach you. That was very eloquently expressed Rachel.” Rachel sighed and smiled. She was happy that she had made Mrs. Lewis proud of her and that she knew she was listening to her.

The teacher went on to say that sometimes you can walk into a room of people discussing something and feel the emotional vibrations in the room. These vibrations give you the choice to know whether you to choose to stay, depending upon the circumstances.

Mrs. Lewis asked us to sit in pairs across from each other to feel the vibrations from the other person as an experiment. She explained that this was another way to feel the vibrations from other people as a thought or feeling.  She asked them to rub their hands together briskly and then to close their eyes clearing their minds of all thoughts. She suggested if we had a thought to see it as if it were a cloud floating by and out of our perception.

She then told us to open our hands palm side up on each of our legs and to breathe in deeply holding our breath for a moment, and then release it breathing like this three times softly and deeply. At that time she asked us to raise our hands in the air in front of our heart center with our hands facing the other child.

She requested that we hold our hands about two or three inches from our partners hands being held in the same way not quite touching each other. She asked if we could feel tingles or vibrations coming from the other student.

We were amazed at the vibrations that we felt coming from the other person without touching them. We had feelings of little pinpricks or tingling sensations and mixed emotions as the class shared with everyone what they felt coming from the other person. The room was charged with the energy of anticipation and excitement. We were enjoying the atmosphere of love that she had invited into our hearts for one another. We didn’t realize that the body gives off a vibration of its own and that others could feel it if they took the time to notice.

Mrs. Lewis said that this practice could also be used when we are upset with someone if they would participate with you sending feelings of friendship or forgiveness to them.

She also said that we could quiet our thoughts and allow our higher vibrations to help us while taking a test. She said that we might try asking our Angels for help in answering the questions correctly and use the first thought that we received without questioning it. We might be pleasantly surprised by the grade that we received if we learned to listen to our heart.

At first the class was not too happy when she announced the ’two words’ as the subject matter of the week but now they were looking forward to see what she would present for them to try the following days. They were having fun learning without trying.

She said that the words had so many meanings that we may have to continue with the subject next week. We really didn’t mind because we were learning how to become one as a class and felt a friendship growing among us.

Jon raised his hand and said that it made him feel as if they had combined their energies and that they had all formed a new relationship with each other. Even the two bullies in the class had seemed to soften and were participating in the class, which was unusual for either one of them. They were beginning to feel like part of the class and didn’t desire to harass any of the other children. This was a new feeling for them to experience and they even found life at home more pleasant because they were learning to feel what others felt.

Mrs. Lewis realized that she could teach the children much more than she had expected and was surprised by their reactions towards one another. She was enjoying listening to the students and what they had to say about many other things that cause vibrations. There was a noticeable difference when the class entered the room with a feeling of awareness that life was offering them its deepest secrets.

Dusty said that even a cars’ engine gives off vibrations when it is running, and that he could feel the vibrations on the road from his skateboard. Madison shyly raised her hand and said that she could hear and sometimes feel the vibrations of a hummingbird if it flew close enough by her as she sat by the hummingbird feeder. She continued by saying that if a bee was too close she could feel and hear its vibrations, hoping that it wouldn’t sting her. The buzzing made her afraid of the bee because it felt like a warning. She added that this weeks’ lesson had made her more aware of the magic and blending of life in itself. She was learning not to be shy with the class as they all offered their thoughts with one another.

The class agreed that they all hated it when a bee seemed to be determined to sting them. They could hear that frequent little buzz in their ears making them want to run away. They didn’t understand that the quick movement made the bee more determined to chase them because of the movement of the air mass. Mrs. Lewis explained that they were more likely not to sting if you stood still or moved slowly away.

Mrs. Lewis gave the class a trick question to think about. She wanted us to ponder how vibrations are shared between each person even when they were not aware that they were participating in the blending of our Universal vibrational feelings. She explained that what one does, says, or thinks affects someone else and that it snowballs to others causing happiness or sadness.

She told them to listen and feel for the subtle vibrations that they felt from their family members at home, and to write it down for them to discuss in class this week.

She would like to see a list of words describing ‘vibrations’ and a list of ‘vibrational frequencies’ that they had discovered while playing, eating and interacting with their family at home. This did not have to be finished until Friday so that they would have time to consider the true meanings of the words. She told them to be aware of others’ emotions and actions between each other when they were not involved. She wanted them to step back and watch how people react towards each other in any given situation.

She asked if we thought that another person could absorb our ‘vibrational frequency’ of thought whether it was feelings of kindness, jealousy, love or friendship when we were near them and if it affected how it made them feel.

She said that we are as one in thought, and that many of us share the same feelings at one time or another. She told us to think about a four way stop with a car sitting at each stop sign.

Who decides to go first and what made them decide that it was their turn? There is no one to guide the traffic so someone has to make the decision to cross the road first. Sometimes they know who arrived at the crossing first and at other times they just move as if by Universal thoughts combined to tell them that it is their turn to go.

Sometimes we find someone that is impatient and rushes through causing an accident thinking that they could make it before anyone else moved. They were not in tune with the Universe and the exchange of energy. This action happens millions of times daily along with other such decisions. We sometimes react without thinking and it is as if our thoughts are unified. We are not always on the same frequency and that is good because we do not want to be clones. If we were all alikethere wouldn’t be vibrations from others to interest us and excite us by the actions of others.

Mrs. Lewis said that differences of opinions allow us to exchange thoughts and teaches others about what makes us tick. We are who we are because of our genetic make-up, environment and how we were treated with love or without the presence of love in the home. She also explained that we have the option to change at any given moment and to choose to share our love by opening up to others and learning their ways of life to understand their actions. Life is full of surprises and we should always be aware of them. We were in awe of all that we had never given thought to.   

We talked about how we are given inventions as a thought or gift from the Universe, and that it is offered to several people at the same time. It is a ‘thought process’ that is shared with many of us to develop a gift or invention to the Universe to enhance our way of living, or to bring joy or comfort to many others in the world. It is our choice to use that that and to make something of it.

Many people are given the same thought, and the person that does something with it is the one that will prosper. Sometimes we are given an idea and let it go because we didn’t know how to manufacture or design the item. Mrs. Lewis said that there is a special saying that she believed, “Where there is a will there is a way.” She encouraged us to seek help when we felt that something was impossible to accomplish. Sometimes we need to share our thoughts with others to see if it is possible.

Remember, ”Thoughts are things” and “What you think, so shall you be.” Mrs. Lewis wanted to stress to the class that what we think creates an image in our mind of who and what we could be. She added with a little effort of studying and working towards our goal we would be surprised at what we could do and who we could become.

“Set your goal and begin working towards your desire,” she added. By the time you are out of high school you will be well on your way to begin following your dream. You may need to plan ahead to go to a certain college or learn by working in a Career oriented situation.

She said to share your thoughts with someone that may be able to assist you in making your new invention and go for it. Live for the moment and the future. Soon you will realize that they are one and the same. If you don’t follow your dream now, what will you be doing five years from now. You could already have acquired the knowledge to be what you wanted to be. Think carefully about your life, and grow with the future as it develops increasingly by leaps and bounds. Our class knew that Mrs. Lewis was talking from experience. We thought that she had probably always wanted to be a teacher. She taught us to listen carefully and think about she was sharing with us.

The one who has the ambition and takes the initiative to move on their thought or discovery of the need for this invention will succeed in making something evolve that was only a thought in the beginning.

Listen to your heart and your subconscious thoughts to discover the next important invention that may change the way of life for many. There are so many opportunities that go by the wayside because someone did not act on their intuition of creating or improving a certain item.

Mrs. Lewis talked about different dimensions in theory, as being an added element that may enhance our ability to pick up on

each other’s thoughts. She said that if we were open minded enough to accept the vibrations or feelings coming from the other

person or from a higher power known as our subconscious thoughts or a gift from our Creator we could change the world.

As the bell rang, Mrs. Lewis said that our homework for tomorrow could be any theory concerning ‘vibrational frequencies’ written in

a paragraph form. We all had ideas of what we would write and found this subject to be exciting enough to make us want to do our



She had created a thought process that consumed our spirit with a desire to acquire more knowledge about the mysteries of the Universe. We had always thought that the world revolved around us,

and that what happens everyday in our lives came naturally without a thought of being able to make a difference in the outcome.

We were learning that we were important even as children and that our actions do matter.

We would have to find someone at home or a friend to discuss this with and then share it with the class tomorrow. We were asked to

sit down with someone to discuss the meaning of ‘vibrational frequencies’ and what they meant to us in everyday life.

The words had sounded frightening to us on Monday but they were quite simple once we began to use them in everyday language.


We understood that ‘vibrational frequencies’ was a movement of energy or a feeling that we may see, feel or hear without

even noticing being exchanged throughout the world between all living things. Mrs. Lewis said that we would quickly see that these two words revolved around our life every moment and that our world depended on their very existence.

She said that everything gives off vibrations including plants and animals and that we could use them as one of our topics if we

wished. She said that even the cat gives off vibrations of contentment by purring, and vibrations of anger or feeling frightened when

he arches his back and hisses with his tail straight up in the air. It all depends on the vibrations that he is receiving.

We were asked to write a paragraph as we tried to discover something that we knew existed, but had no knowledge of the connection

to us individually.


Class was dismissed as we all looked at each other wondering what kind of vibrations we were giving off to one another at that

moment. Tomorrow would be interesting to hear what some of the children had to say that they had discussed at home and chosen to

talk about. Tuesday, Mrs. Lewis began class by asking us to sit at a table with

only two people sitting across from one another. She said that she wanted us to try to do something that we had probably never

thought about before. She wanted us to think more of it as a game, but to take it seriously to see what would transpire between the two of us. We knew that what we were going to do was an experiment that would not be graded so we felt that this would be fun to try.


She began by talking about vibrations that are shared between each and every human being. She asked if we thought that

another person could absorb or feel our vibrational frequency of thought and if we could return our vibrations back to them. She said

that this vibrational frequency was called mental telepathy. She explained that all of us had experienced this at one time or another

and may not have recognized it as such. Her question was, “How do you know when you are receiving a vibrational frequency and how does it feel?”


 She talked about different dimensions in theory as being an added element that may enhance our ability to pick up on each other’s thoughts if we were open minded enough to accept the vibrations coming from the other person. She asked if we had ever experienced a different feeling or vibration such as ‘goose bumps’ when we thought of someone that had already crossed over in

death. “Did we feel as if they were near us, or did we feel as if they were trying to send us love?” She asked us to think about different dimensions and if it were possible that our loved ones could send us love or feel and hear our thoughts as we sent our love to them. She was introducing a world in which all of us had a story that we wanted to share with the class from some unseen force. She said that would have to wait today and that we would address the subject later in the class. She said that she wanted us to do this experiment in case some of us had neglected to think about the homework that she had assigned yesterday.


 She assured us that it would be quite interesting. Today she said that what we were going to try was called mental telepathy. She explained that it was a process of clearing your mind and being still within yourself, allowing all outside noises or interferences not to bother you. Going within, means to close your feelings and sensations from the world and listening only to your heartbeat, your breathing or the feel of your blooding pumping through your body. Concentrating on only one of these conditions would allow you to free your mind of all other outside influences and would set about your process of uniting with the Universal thought process. She said that having done this you might feel or think thoughts that you may consider is your imagination.


Trust your first thoughts to know that deep within that what you were receiving was coming through the divine source of thought

forms. These are the thoughts from others that you needed to receive. If you were transmitting you needed to send your thoughts

out to be received easier to the other student. They may need your thoughts of love, sympathy or prayer of well being at the moment.

Don’t dwell upon it for long just write or draw what you are thinking or receiving. In reverse, you may be receiving their thoughts. They may be the one that is thinking of something and sending you vibrations of love and emotional support to give you the right word.


She smiled and said that it would only take four or five minutes of our time and that it was quite relaxing. She requested that one of

the two sitting together choose to think of something and not tell the other one. The transmitter would then write it down without the

other person seeing it. The receiver would wait with a clear mind for a thought and then put it on paper. The one sitting across from them should clear their mind and write or draw what they felt the other person was feeling. She said that usually the first thought is right and not to try too hard or they would not succeed. She would give them three minutes to five minutes to complete the project to see if anyone could feel what the other person was thinking.


Some of the kids groaned with the thought of trying this experiment because they were not familiar with the process that she had

just introduced and had never given much thought to what other people were thinking. Some of the students just guessed, hoping

that they would be right.


 Anthony and Dusty laughed because they already thought that they could read each other’s minds, since they felt so close by being best friends for years. Some of the kids took the subject lightly and others wanted to try this experiment and thought of it as a game of some sort.


Emily sat across from Sara and wrote the word ‘swing.’ Sara sat quietly tuning in her thoughts to Emily trying to clear her mind of her

thoughts, and drew a picture of her sitting on her swing hanging from the large tree in her back yard.


When Anthony and Dusty were trying to picture what the other one was thinking they could only laugh at one another and had to

be called down for disrupting the class. They were disappointed when the three minutes were up, and Mrs. Lewis asked the children

to exchange papers because they had not tried to do the experiment and knew that they could probably have been one of the few

that would succeed. She asked if any one had come close to what the other classmate was thinking and Emily raised her hand anxiously to show the class what Sara had drawn. Mrs. Lewis was pleasantly surprised to see how clearly Sara had allowed her thoughts to tune into what Emily had written.


 Both girls were excited to see that they were capable of picking up on the others’ thoughts just as easily as Mrs. Lewis had said it was if you were in tune with the other persons vibrations. The class was interested to find out as much about this subject as they could and they were just beginning to question the answers that life has offered us as we studied the subject. They were stunned

that Scientists don’t have all the answers to life and death and were quite surprised that this subject was still an open book in which

many were striving to learn about. Now we could try to learn about vibrations and maybe introduce our thoughts to others in our Science projects.


 Dusty and Anthony were already racking their brains for a project to prove that you can feel a vibrational frequency between two people by just holding their hands close to the other one’s hands with thoughts of friendship, love or sending healing thoughts to one that was in pain and in need of relief. For being two ornery boys they were quite intelligent and full of thoughts that one day they would find the answer to many of Earths mysteries.


Class was dismissed and Mrs. Lewis said that they would pursue the subject further this week just for the fun of it. The class had many questions for Sara and Emily and some had even suggested that Sara had seen the word and had cheated. This was not the case

because Emily had placed her notebook in a standing position in between the two so Sara couldn’t see her word. They were both

pleased with their accomplishment and felt very happy that they had opened themselves up to the others’ thoughts without knowing

that it was possible before this study.


Tuesday evening, Dusty and Anthony were playing outside and decided to test each other’s ability to transmit their thoughts and

feelings to one another. They were working on their assignment from Mrs. Lewis to experiment with the vibrational thought process, better known as ‘Mental Telepathy.’ They had given their paper to their parents from Mrs. Lewis to explain what they were studying this week and went outside to play, finding themselves immersed in the new subject.


Mrs. Lewis had sent a detailed paper home with the children explaining that they were going to be experimenting with vibrational

frequencies and Mental Telepathy and that the children would probably want to discuss the subject at home also. Some of the parents questioned what she would say when she discussed death with the class and how she would handle that subject without disturbing the children. None of the parents denied that she should discuss either topic, but were curious to see what she had to say about love and the answer to what happens after death. No one minded or worried about what she would teach the children because they trusted her

as a Teacher that would share her heart openly with the children and only teach them the truth about life.


She responded to all of the parents with another note that what she shared with the class would be appropriate and would not frighten the children. She went on to say that the Circle of Life should be taught so that children would never fear death and know that our Spirit continues within the memories of our loved ones and that procreation completes the Circle of Life.


Mrs. Lewis said that our Scientists are still studying the subject of ‘vibrational frequencies’ and that there will always be new findings

to share with the world. Groups of paranormal scientists are striving to learn more about life and the mysteries of where our vibrational frequencies go when death occurs not only in mankind, but animals, insects and plant life. We decided to see if our vibrations are the same for all types of life and if one is more important than the other.


Each individual has a spark of light from the Universe that is shared as one large piece of a puzzle. We were learning that everything

that exists with a life force is connected one to another whether it is a plant, insect, animal or person. Each life depended upon one another to support, or be supportive for another life to sustain its energy in one-way or another. Therefore, even the smallest insect had a guiding force to live for the good of its kind and to provide help to Mother Earth, or another larger insect as food for them. The Circle of Life revolved not only around humans for their own prosperity but also for each living creature in the Universe. The vibrational frequencies of light that emanated from each living thing gave off an energy force of love for the world. Our world

would continue evolving to its highest vibrational frequencies so that we as one could share in the beauty of living on such a wondrous

living planet.


Our gift of an abundance of oxygen to breathe and receive warmth from the sun gave us an opportunity to experience life in an

environment of infinite possibilities. Adding the rotation of the moon blessed us with the night sky and a time of rest to rejuvenate our bodies giving us a choice to grow in wisdom to our full potential. To reach our full potential we must utilize the gifts from Mother

Earth, from the sun, plants, oxygen, sleep, food and the cycles of the moon dictating to us our potential in a certain time frame of

adjusting our moods and elements of energy.  Working with our own vibrational frequencies of love, emotions, and the vibrations that we give off to others that are in our space at a certain time allows us to grow spiritually and physically.


The boys sat on the porch swing after school and discussed the meaning of ‘vibrations’ and ‘frequencies’ that they had been learning

about in school. Mrs. Lewis had said that the vibrations and ‘frequencies of vibrations’ cause many changes and mysteries in our world that are not proven nor solved as of yet. Many vibrations are quite easy to explain and others are still being studied.


Dusty decided to find out as much about this subject as they could and wanted to surprise everyone with something new to share with the class. They talked about the vibrations of a spinning top and where the energy went as it was sent out into the atmosphere. Energy was every where and was the product of every moving object. They decided that it was an endless part of ongoing energy sharing itself with the world much like a whirlwind effect. They wondered if anything benefited from that energy or if it diminished itself into nothingness once the top quit spinning. They also discussed for a while that it might add to the frequency of energy that is in our Universe that gives off vibrations of motion. Anthony and Dusty were determined that they would break the code of ‘endless  thoughts’ that were alike between them. They thought so much alike about everything that they usually could finish the others ones sentence. Neither one of them had thought about the reason that they had not accomplished what they thought would be so easy in class. They swung on the porch swing thinking aloud to one another and blaming each other for what they felt was a failure of communication between them. The truth of the matter was that they had not taken the experiment seriously and had found it funny for Mrs. Lewis to request the class to do something so simple.


Dusty stopped the swing and stood up to announce that he was going home. Anthony said, “I know, I am sorry for blaming it on you.” Both boys laughed and said that they had been thinking the same thing then and they were sorry that they hadn’t even tried to succeed in the experiment. That is when they decided that they had tried too hard at picking up on each other’s thoughts because they

had considered it a game.


They talked about energies being like a quiver of thoughts running through the Universe and that you would need to capture it with an open mind being quiet, and willing to listen to your inner thoughts. You would have to clear your mind from all other thoughts

that may have been expressed by other people, music or television programs that you may have seen. Anthony said that it was like him thinking about calling Dusty, and then the phone would ring and Dusty would be on the other end. He said that most people call that ‘ESP’ for extra sensory perception. Dusty said that if you really thought about it that we are all radio’s and take turns being the transmitter while the other person is the receiver. He was quite right in his simple analysis and now needed to learn how to quiet his mind to feel or hear the other persons thoughts or feelings. Even in a group of people one or more people would be the transmitter while the other people listening would be the receivers. So, in actuality he was right that we are much like radios or telephones transmitting and receiving sound waves unknowingly through words, music, thoughts or even touching one another. He was beginning to understand that all energy was there for others to pick up from one another if they opened themselves to the Universe.


 It was called the ‘Universal Thought Process’ and he remembered that he had heard those words before from his Grandmother.

Actually, he found it quite interesting and would practice when he went to bed at night. He would write someone’s name down

and cleared his mind to see if he could receive a thought from that person or perhaps dream about them. Sometimes he thought he

had, but didn’t know if it was his imagination or not. He only knew that there was much to learn and he was going to research it on his computer.


Dusty called Anthony the next morning to ask him to work on an experiment with him as they were walking to school. Dusty said that he would practice being the receiver to see if he could pick up on Anthony’s thoughts as they were walking to school on Wednesday.

They both agreed not to talk to one another on the way and walked side by side not sure if this would work. They agreed not to speak and to clear their minds of any outside interference including laughing or paying attention to what the others were doing.

This was not as easy as they thought because they had so much to share with one another. Anthony was dying to tell Dusty that his

parents had planned a vacation for the family and that he would be gone for two weeks.

He would have to wait to tell him until after they had completed their experiment and shared it with the class. He would miss Dusty

but he knew that he would be back soon and he would have much to share with Dusty. They were anxious to get to class to tell Mrs. Lewis about what they had decided to do and to find out if it had worked.  As soon as they reached the classroom both of them had written a word or drew a picture and folded it in half placing it in their desk.


Mrs. Lewis had begun the class today by saying that the radio sends ‘vibrational frequencies’ through the air waves and transmits

the sounds and video pictures from radio and television stations, and the satellite’s that surround our Earth in outer space back to us.

We are able to hear the sounds and view the pictures through the use of the radio, telephone, television and computer. She said that if we think of ourselves as a radio we could transmit and receive to and from each other with much practice. She said the mind is capable of many interesting processes if we tried to use it more productively and seriously.


She talked about how the right side of the brain was used more for the imagination, thoughts, dreams and intuition, and that the left

side of the brain controlled our most conscious thoughts and intelligent activities. The brain is responsible for our memories, movements, and complexity of thought, language and emotions. It is the major organ of the central nervous system and controls all of our voluntary and involuntary movements. She even talked about how the right side of the brain controlled the left side of the body, and the left side of the body controlled the movements of the right side. Jon raised his hand and asked how the brain, which is a thick grey matter, could perform as a radio and control center for all of the body. Mrs. Lewis said that is the primary function of the brain and without it we would not be able to speak, hear, move, think, or have emotions of any kind.


 Dusty raised his hand and asked if he could explain to the class what he and Anthony had done walking to school without speaking to one another, and that both of them had agreed to write a word, or drawn a picture after they had sat down at the assigned seat which was four seats apart. They had been very careful not to even look at one another as they walked to school with thoughts running

rampant through their minds.


Mrs. Lewis said that they could tell the class what they had done, and show the class their word or picture that they had chosen. Dusty asked Anthony to show his first. Anthony raised his picture up and it was a picture of him in a car with his parents going on Vacation. Dusty hung his head in sadness and the class thought that he had not chosen the right word or picture. Mrs. Lewis went to Dusty to see why he was so sad. He said that he didn’t know that Anthony was going anywhere but he raised his paper and he had written, “Good-bye Anthony.”


 He explained that he didn’t want to write that, but those were his feelings. He was really upset to know that Anthony would be gone for so long. The rest of the class felt bad for Dusty and told him that they would play with him. Anthony apologized to Dusty and said that he didn’t know that they were going on vacation until last night when his parents told him that they would be gone for two weeks in Florida. They had already made the plan not to speak walking to school, so he could not tell him about the vacation plans. They felt bad that they were not going to be together for two weeks this summer. Mrs. Lewis told both boys not to be so sad and that time flies so fast that Anthony would be home soon enough for them to share most of their summer vacation together. She also added that there

are telephones to keep in touch. Now they had proven that they could pick up on one another’s thoughts the two weeks would be a good time for them to experiment and to try to improve their gift. They made a pact that they would each set a time to think about each other daily, and keep a diary with the time and date noted of what each other was thinking or doing.


Mrs. Lewis said that information from telephones is also transmitted around the world from homes by way of radio frequencies

(called R.F.). Cellular phones are transmitted through the use of cellular sites and satellites that are placed in stationary orbits around  

the Earth. In this way we are always able to stay in contact with one another through many devices that mankind has given careful

thought and energy to invent for our use and for our safety. She continued saying that we also have the pager, and handheld

radios that emit frequencies to allow us to keep in contact with one another in places that are not accessible to telephones, or are

used for personal enjoyment. These items are most likely to be used when we are mountain climbing, hang gliding, parachuting or bike riding.


We also learned about the sonic boom that is felt and heard when an airplane breaks the sound barrier by a plane, which travels

faster than the speed of sound. This is caused by a Mach 1 or higher and causes the vibrations sometimes to travel with such a strong frequency that you can feel the rumble through the Earth, but mostly we hear it through sound waves that travel with a large volume of sound. Vibrational energies surround us in and around our homes and the Earth keeping our thoughts, bodies and vibrational frequencies on an even keel to keep our world healthy.


Mrs. Lewis said that seismic vibrations are another type of vibration that comes from the core of the Earth when the platelets of the

Earth cross over one another causing an Earthquake of small or larger magnitudes depending upon the shift of the Earths platelets

and the damage that it has caused the Earth. It is measured on a Richter scale to tell us of the severity of the Earthquake.

When we have Earthquakes the vibrations disrupt our way of life by destroying buildings, changing the pattern of the Earths surface

and sometimes causing death from the destruction of highways, homes or cracks in the Earths surface that people may be standing

upon. That is why we have Seismologists always on the alert for any shifting of the Earths platelets so that they can forewarn us of any looming danger and hopefully give us time to leave that area of danger.


Today was a day for listening and learning. She said that even the moon has a vibrational effect on the Earth by causing a change in

the oceans waves creating high and low tides affecting the Earth in many ways. The high tides affect us only if there is a storm front

behind it causing flooding to some areas. Mrs. Lewis said that even the moon affects many people emotionally when there is a full moon, half a moon or a quarter of a moon. She said that you would have to study astrology to understand the effects the moon has upon us. Even the month that you were born in determines your personality and the way that you accept and approach life within a certain degree. There have been many Astrologists since the beginning of time that has studied the Galaxy for answers that we find to be quite right and a fascinating subject.


The Sun’s vibrations affect the Earth from its source of heat that it provides or does not provide, depending upon the season of the

year. Without the sun there would be no Earth. It sustains us with the nourishment of vitamin D and with the photosynthesis that causes all plants, animals and people to grow and survive. Without the sun the Earth would freeze and soon cease to exist as the planet Earth. Nothing would survive without the light and the warmth of the sun, plus the nutrients that the Sun provides for all living creatures including the plant kingdom. Even the oceans and rivers would soon dry up and disappear and the Earth would be barren. The Earth would be another barren planet in the galaxy of stars among the millions of others.


She also mentioned another vibration that most young people are not familiar with yet, and should not be until older. However they

need to have knowledge about the human body before it happens so that they will know how to handle the situation. They had already received sex education in the Fifth grade so she felt comfortable bringing up the subject with a little hesitancy. Mrs. Lewis began her speech of puppy love and true love, which lasted for most of the period. She began by saying that it is sometimes called “Puppy love” if you are young and feel an attraction to one another. Puppy love is when two children like someone better than the other children and think of them as their boyfriend or girlfriend. They form a close bond between one another and feel tingles of excitement as they smile at one another and talk about many things that they both find interesting. Most children feel these emotions many times and may have their feelings hurt if the other one does not feel the same way about them. This is nature’s way of preparing you for the emotions of love and attraction later in life. She said that it also prepares you for disappointment later in life if your feelings of attraction are not returned. It is a valuable lesson in life to teach us about the dynamics of adult feelings and actions without the full involvement of physical reactions. Puppy love usually begins when entering grade school and carries on through high school, although the teenagers may feel that it is more than that.


 Some parents allow their teen-agers to date if they are being supervised or are with a group. Other parents are too lenient and allow their children too much freedom and they find themselves in predicaments that are hard to turn away from. She added that is when young people find themselves in trouble and may bring a new baby into the world. Mrs. Lewis said that dating might be okay if you are in high school if your parents allow it with supervision. There should be a group that goes to the movies or dinner together and stays together without anyone sneaking away from the group. Either boy or girl need only learn to say one word to prevent finding

themselves in an awkward position. That word is a firm, “No,” and you should mean it regardless of the words of love you might hear from the other one. As she talked she said, “Boys, please understand that “no” does not mean “maybe” at any time. You will have plenty of time to grow up and find that special someone. Boys also need to know that their strength should never be used against a girl or to force a girl to feel that she has to do something that she feels is wrong. There is plenty of time for intimacy later in life when both people are ready for responsibility.”


 We listened as she spoke and was more comfortable to hear it from her than any one else. We were no longer embarrassed as she presented it as a normal topic to be discussed in class. Mrs. Lewis said that at this age young people should not be allowed to find themselves alone and tempted by their feelings. Feelings of intimacy may occur when two young people are left alone and find it hard not to share their sexual feelings with one another. The feelings are natural and normal but the action of lovemaking is too soon. Puberty brings along with it feelings that you have not had before, and it is not to be shared or experimented with anyone else. Understanding these feelings are natural make it easier to understand that we are becoming young adults and that it is okay to have those feelings without acting upon them.


Many new babies are brought into this world by accident because the mother and father were teen-agers that thought they were in love and acted passionately as adults. They failed to think about the consequences of their actions afterwards whether they

make a baby or not. Robin raised her hand and said that her seventeen-year-old sister just had a baby boy, and that his father never comes over to visit. She said that her mother takes more care of the baby than her sister does. She continued to say that they always fight when the baby wakes up crying because her sister says that she can’t stand to hear him cry. She added that her sister runs to her room screaming that the baby is ruining her life. Her mother really did not want to begin all over again raising children. Robin said they were discussing adoption as an alternative for the baby although they knew it would break the whole families’ heart to see him leave. She only wished that her sister had learned what she was learning now when she was younger.


Mrs. Lewis advised the young people in her class to listen carefully to what Robin is saying. She said that one day you could be the one that feels like you are trapped with no where to go and without a husband to give you love and support. That is what love is about instead of handing the responsibility to your mother to care for your child and the rest of the family that is already half grown. Mrs. Lewis agreed that adoption was a good option in their circumstances and thanked Robin for sharing her life with the class.


She warned the girls that young men like to brag about their night out with them, and it inevitably gives the young lady a bad name that makes her ashamed of her actions. Later they find that other boys expect the same favors and the girl finds herself being used by many. As a young adult in high school your body is not ready for sexual relations until it matures much later. Mrs. Lewis encouraged the girls to keep their girlfriends, find a part time job and forget about the boys for a while. She told them that they would find it more fun to shop, share secrets, and go to the beach or the movies together as friends. The boys should become involved in sports, or car maintenance and learn how to rebuild or repair cars if that is what they were interested in. She explained that there are many things to become involved in and part time jobs are always available for high school students at the local stores.


She said that high school is the time to begin thinking of what they like to do the most. They should give their hobby some thought

to see if they could turn it into a profession so that they could support a family one day. Decide what you like to do and turn it into

your future career, think about going away to college or taking classes at a nearby University. The difference in acting as an adult is that you are not old enough to financially support a family, nor ready to know the first thing about adult responsibilities. Mrs. Lewis was quite passionate about letting the children know what was in store for them if they did not control their sexual urges. She had seen too many young people put their lives on hold and never find true happiness.


She said that the responsibility to come in the future far outweighs the pleasure they may receive for a short period of time. She

begged them to think of life and our actions as a lesson to be learned. She told them that they could listen to her, or they could

later choose to learn the hard way regretting that they had not remembered what she had tried to teach them. The young mother is not wise enough maternally or ready to give up her life to take care of a new baby. The end result is that the grandparents have to raise the baby, or the baby is handed over to Children’s Services or adopted out. She said that it is sad to see a young mother dragging her child through the store begging for a toy, and the mother has to tell the little one that she doesn’t have the money for a toy or food. It is a no win situation for both mother and child. Young adults need to think of their future and know that there is plenty of time to get serious with someone at a later age and that sex can become an issue when they are old enough to feel ready for love and marriage.


She encouraged them to watch how their family interacts, and ask your parents if they would talk to you about their financial

responsibilities. “Would you want this kind of family interaction, or would you change it when you become old enough to marry? How old do you think you would have to be to pay the bills and put food on the table?” she asked. “How many girls in this classroom want to be mothers’ as a teenager? Do you want to give up your freedom of going to the mall or seeing a movie when you want to, or would you rather be staying at home caring for a baby that sometimes cries for no reason hours on end?” she questioned. “When you are older,” she said, “the feelings become stronger between each other. You begin to bond with the knowledge that you have found the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with.” If there is going to be a love connection it will sweep you off of your feet with emotions that you have never experienced before, and both people will want what is best for the other.


She explained that as you age you will feel tingles going through your body at the sight of the other one, and can’t wait to be together. Still, this emotion should be taken slowly because a persons’ attraction for another may not last as long as they think it might, hormones raging through your body cause you to feel many emotions such as love, lust, loneliness or a need to feel wanted. The class listened as Mrs. Lewis said that it is a fact of life that we must learn to understand our bodies, and the feelings that go along

with them. Even adults sometimes confuse lust with love and regret it later. Our vibrations attract one to another but that does not necessarily mean that you are right for each other. Give yourself time to get to know one another and be aware of each other’s weaknesses and strengths to see if that is whom you wish to spend the rest of your life with. “Sex, she said, is not the main priority of marriage as most young people who fall in love think that it is. It is about a commitment that is made between the two to love one another in sickness or in health, for better or for worse. It is also an opportunity to have children and enjoy having a family.” She suggested that they think of their own family interactions between their parents and their behavior.


Mrs. Lewis said those are the vibrations that you have to be the most cautious about because they draw two people together that may become sexually involved and find out later that it was only lust, or experimentation with one another and not true love. She did not want to drag the subject along and repeat herself but she wanted them to truly listen so that none of her students would have to say that they should have listened when they were in the sixth grade. She went on to say, “This is also caused by the change in your hormones as you age and enter puberty and begin to think about the opposite sex or special friend that you find an attachment to.


 We all learn from our mistakes and should take responsibility for our actions knowing that it was our choice. She explained that you do not have to experiment to know about sex and that it should be discussed openly with a parent or reliable adult that is equipped with the correct answers to guide the young person in the right direction. The best advice is to wait until marriage before you experiment with sex and hurting others, or risk breaking your own heart. She closed the subject and left it at that and said that we would all experience these feelings one day. She said that she hoped that we would give those feelings and vibrations that can fool you a lot of thought before experiencing anything that we might not be ready for physically or emotionally.


She said that love is the ‘vibrational frequencies’ of energy between two people when they are overwhelmed by strong feelings

of attraction for one another. It is not possible to predict when it will happen sometimes, nor will you usually have a warning. She went on to say that some are attracted to one another as they age because they are attracted by their looks, actions of kindness,

or their personality. With age comes wisdom and the courage to trust your emotions. Others may find that they will never want to

find a partner and devote themselves to becoming a Professional person in their desired career. She reminded them that becoming partners in life and making a family is not nearly as easy as children think that it is. Many times there are hard decisions that have to be made to accommodate both people. It involves thinking about the other person and their well being at all times, sometimes having to give up what you would like to have, or do to please the other person. It is as if the two of you become one with another and everything is decided and shared between the two that are truly in love. Love is beautiful between two people that wish to share their lives together and may result in the decision to physically have children, or to adopt children so that they can share their love with little ones adding to their happiness.


It is all a part of our vibrational frequencies that attract one to another. They could have been drawn together because they have

the same likes and dislikes and the belief in one another to complete their circle of love. Their vibrations of love have been completed

and will continue to grow if they work on learning to know each others likes and dislikes and know that the loved one will always be there for them. She found it hard to wrap up the subject because there was so much to share with them teaching them the value of true love.


The next day she wrote a new word on the chalkboard. It was, ‘empathy.’ This would be harder to explain than the word sympathy

yet she felt she needed to introduce this feeling to the class. She began by saying, “If you have a special friend or a loving family you

may be aware of being able to feel one another’s emotions without talking about them. This is called ‘empathy,’ or being able to feel

what the other one is thinking or feeling without discussing the issue. Empathy is also another vibration that is felt between one another for their pain, emotions and feelings. In some instances ‘empathy’ is just simply there to encourage us to communicate with one another as in a group setting to feel another persons pain or joy and to share or sympathize with them. Even in a classroom there is a myriad of thoughts racing throughout the atmosphere that may or not be what is being taught at the time.


She explained that all of us are entitled to our thoughts but should learn to contain them and concentrate on what is happening

at the time and place that they are currently in. People need each other and they need to feel the connection between one

another in order to learn and know that their life has meaning, and a destiny that they will hopefully fulfill. They would eventually realize one day when they were older that they did learn something from that special Teacher that tried so hard to reach each and every one of them out of love. At this time in their life they were interested, but did not always want to share their feelings with one another for fear of someone laughing at them.


As the days went on she talked to them about the feelings and emotions that they share with a crowd at a baseball game. She then compared those feelings of not being the same if you were sitting in a movie. The class was beginning to understand what Mrs.

Lewis was teaching them about the many variations of vibrations.


She talked about the vibrations of Spirit or a feeling of reverence when you went to Church and sat down in the pew. She told them

to think of the many vibrational frequencies that they felt for those two hours they spent with others in the Church. Singing songs of love made them happy, and many children loved singing the hymns or enjoyed laughing as they watched some of the people belt out the song with all of their heart poured into the moment.


They talked about prayer time and if they were sincerely into prayer they would feel a presence of holiness and love surrounding them. Other children chose to kneel or stand and whisper not allowing that serene presence to penetrate their thoughts. Mrs. Lewis explained that we all have the gift of choice, and how we choose to use it will be the deciding factor of who and what we become as adults. The very greatest gift of choice is that at any moment in time we could choose to change our ways and be granted our wish to change.


We may choose not to be a bully, or we may choose not to be timid and to let our light of love vibrations be intermingled with others.

She said that most bullies are not as tough as they act and that they will back down when confronted by the one that they were picking on. She explained that sometimes bullies have had to be tough because they had to learn to take care of themselves at a

very young age because they had been abused. They then take their anger out on people that are smaller or timid to show off to

others’ that they are mean and that they are the boss or the one to be looked up to in fear. In reality, they are just as afraid of being

approached by someone with a bad attitude in return, as the timid ones were.


The way she explained to begin not to be timid, shy or frightened of others was to acknowledge everyone you see with a smile on

your face and a, “Hello Joe,” or “Hi Rachel” to everyone. It would take some time and work to remember others’ names but when you say “hello” to someone, and say their name they feel as if they are important to you and will wonder why they never took the time to get to know you before. Mrs. Lewis said that the one thing that you own that no one can take from you is your name. It belongs to you for life and if you think about it you will understand that it is what makes you feel that you know whom you are.

Without a name we would have trouble communicating, and some would have trouble knowing how to feel about their own self

worth. Your names are chosen by your mother to celebrate their love for someone whom they deeply admire, or someone that they

had loved that had passed on. They may have chosen it after careful consideration of who they wanted you to be, or they just thought

that that particular name would fit you. Your name is your badge of acknowledgement so wear it proudly, and use the pride of the other persons’ name to make them feel as if you admire them. You will soon see a difference in how you are treated and accepted by others.


Joey raised his hand quite shyly and said, “What if I am afraid to say “hi” to them? What if they make fun of me?” he asked. Mrs. Lewis said that was a chance that he would have to choose to take. She said that the boy that she sees is very bright and full of life.

She told him that she felt the only reason other children didn’t pay attention to him was that he kept to himself. Maybe they thought

that he didn’t like them, or didn’t want friends. Again, the word ‘choice’ presented itself. She said that the kids that had never taken the time to know him might choose to become his friend and find out that he was a lot of fun.


 Life is what you make of it day by day. She began talking about positive attitudes and believing in your self. She took Joey by the hand and stood him in front of the mirror and asked him what he saw. He stood there looking and said, “A boy that no one likes.” She turned him around to the class and saying a quick prayer to herself she asked the class what they saw in Joey. Rachel raised her hand to say that she thought he was shy but she really liked his artwork. She said that she liked it when he drew pictures of horses and always wanted to ask him for one. Mrs. Lewis asked her why she hadn’t asked him for one. Rachel said that she was afraid that he would look down and not talk to her, and then she would be embarrassed. Joey looked surprised and said that he would give her any one of the pictures that she wanted. Darrell stood up and said that he lived across the Street from him and always wanted to ask him to go bike riding or fishing but Joey always stayed in his house. Joey was so surprised that people really did see him that he

didn’t know how to react. He smiled at Darrell and said that he would like to ride his bike after school with him if he really meant it.

Darrell said that he always rides his bike to the park after school to see some of his friends. He offered to take him with him and introduce him to the other kids.


Joey sighed, and then he smiled a smile that made him glow. Mrs. Lewis tousled his hair, and said, “You see Joey, sometimes we have to take the first step towards what we want. Good luck tonight and I hope you meet a lot of new friends.”


Mrs. Lewis walked around the room with her arms crossed and asked the class if they knew what kind of vibrations that they had

just experienced. Madison raised her hand smiling a little shyly with her blonde hair cupped around her head like a halo. Mrs. Lewis

acknowledged her by nodding for her to answer. Madison said, “I think that we just felt feelings of love and compassion for Joey.”

Mrs. Lewis asked Madison if she thought that love and compassion could be considered a vibration. Madison smiled warmly and

said, “They have to be vibrations because I have goose bumps all over me. I feel overwhelmed by my feelings for Joey and I am sorry that he has suffered alone for so long.” With tears in her eyes she leaned over to Joey and gave him a big hug and said that from

now on he would be her friend forever. Rachel stood up and asked if Joey would stand with her and say, “Hello” to each and every child in the class so that he could feel the vibrations from each one of them. The class watched as Joey slowly pushed his chair back. Rachel took him by the hand and took him to the middle of the room. She began by saying, “Hi Cindy, this is Joey.” Joey looked at Cindy and said, “Hi Cindy.” Then they made their round going from table to table with Rachel introducing Joey as if he were a newcomer to the class. All of the boys stood up and shook his hand with some of them saying that they were sorry for ignoring him. Joey was thrilled and was still a little embarrassed, but happy nonetheless.


 Mrs. Lewis thanked Rachel and told her that that was a very brave and wonderful thing for her to do. The bell rang and the school day was over. Everyone left with a look of amazement on their face and thoughts of what had just transpired. Mrs. Lewis shook her head and could not believe that all of the students had behaved so politely to Joey. She just prayed that the children would remember that day and that lesson for the rest of their life.


Dusty and Anthony were riding their bikes home when they saw Joey about to go into his home. They called his name and he cautiously stopped and turned around afraid that they were going to be mean to him again. Dusty said, “Hey Joey, we are going to meet Darrell at the park in an hour. We are going to be playing basketball if you want to play.” Joey was so surprised because he thought that this day was too good to be true. He couldn’t wait to ask his Mother if he could go. His Mother was a little hesitant but said he could as long as he was only gone for one and a half hours. She made him wear his watch and promise to be home on time. She wanted to be sure that he was safe and she was not aware of what had happened in school today. She was about to say good-bye when the phone rang. She hugged him good-bye and went to answer the phone.


Mrs. Lewis was on the other end and said that something profound had happened in school today and she would like to share it with her. Joey’s mother listened with tears rolling down her cheeks feeling so happy that Joey would finally see that he was someone

and that he was the same as the other children. He only needed to learn to be sure of himself and know that he was as good as the

other children. She thanked Mrs. Lewis for being such a wonderful teacher and said that she would never forget what she had done for her son in just a short period of time. Mrs. Lewis said that she could not take all of the credit because the whole class had participated and made Joey feel welcome.


Joey went to the garage and dusted off the spider webs so that he could ride his bike to the park. It had been a long time since he

had ridden it and he hoped that he still remembered how. About that time Dane rode by and asked Joey if he was going over to Darrell’s’ house to ride with him. Joey said that he thought that he would wait in his front yard for him to see if he would come.

Dane laughed and said, “Joey, you have got to learn not to ever wait on one of us to come get you. You can ride down anytime by

yourself and we will all play together or go fishing in the creek.” As they were talking Darrell was coming across the Street on his bike

and asked if they were ready.


Joey’s mother had been secretly watching out the blinds with tears of happiness streaming down her face. She remembered that

they had been studying vibrations in school this week and right now her vibrations were of love and thankfulness for such a wonderful

teacher that knew how to reach the children.


The following day Mrs. Lewis was happy to see how the children were changing. She wanted to share a few thoughts with them and

had written them on the bulletin board. The first thing she had written was, “You are who your friends are. They are a reflection of you and your personality.” The second few words were quite simple but would require thought and explanation. They were, Thoughts are things.” The third sentence was, “Make everyday count as if it were your last,” and the fourth one said, “Be positive about the outcome of everything in your life and you will succeed with joy.” The last was one word, “S.M.I.L.E. with the meaning of each letter written below it. It meant, Send Many Infectious Love Energies. She asked the children to copy the bulletin board and that would be their discussion for the day.


She also brought up one word which she wanted to stress to the class has its very own strong vibrations that many people will notice  

and prey upon. That word was “Fear.” She explained if she were to walk down a Street and kept her head down, or was constantly

looking over her shoulder with fear in her eyes that people would see that she was afraid. She told the class that unfortunately there are people out there looking for victims that give off the very vibration that she was talking about. If someone saw her that was not a good person, and wanted her purse they would know that they could take it from her with no trouble. They may grab it and run, or they may tackle her to the ground and injure her. If they were driving by and noticed that she looked afraid, they would also find it easy to force her into the car to hurt her.


She explained that once you get into the car you might never make it home again. She wanted them to understand that there are people in the world that are bad and would hurt you if they could out of anger towards people, or because they enjoyed violence.

She said, “Thankfully, we do not have as much violence in our community as others, but you must always be on the alert. There are

people out there that will take what they can and don’t care if they hurt or kill you in the process. Some of these people are mentally ill and some of them are just bullies that want to get what they want for free.


She approached this subject as lightly as possible but with the intention of opening the children’s eyes to the possibility of danger

from others. She told them that a person does not have to look mean to hurt you; and that many may appear to be very nice

when in fact they are not. She again explained that if you feel any doubt about someone or you feel afraid to follow your gut instincts

and to get away from them as quickly as possible. She stressed to the children to never get into anyone’s car that their parents had not given them permission to be with. Once you get into the car you are in trouble because that person may harm you or take your life. If you are forced into the car then you must listen to your heart and try your best to escape.


Be ready to jump out of the car as soon as they stop at a stop sign, or slow down enough to escape. If you can’t do that then try

to blow the horn without letting go, and step on the driver’s foot making him go faster hoping that it causes an accident. While you

are doing this they will be trying to push you away and fighting with you. Fight back with all you have in you understanding that you may be saving your life. Take your life in your hands and do what you have to do. Make sure that you are as close to the floor or seat as possible in case there is an accident so that you will risk not being hurt as badly. You would be safer to be involved in an accident than to be taken to where this person is taking you to hurt you. The best advice is not to accept a ride unless you are sure they are family or friends of the family that everyone trusts. Let your conscious be your guide and follow your feelings until you get away from the situation.


She told the class that she hated to talk about such frightening things with them but she wanted to prepare them ahead of time in

case anything ever happened to them in the future. She only wanted to teach them how to survive and get away if possible. She

said that she was going to play act to show them how to not look like a potential victim. She then straightened her shoulders with her head held high and walked around the room with confidence. The children could immediately see the difference in the vibrations that she was giving. She had her purse strap across her shoulder by placing it over her head first and had her hand on it. She walked as if she were afraid of no one. If someone saw her that thought they could take her purse they would think again because she looked confident and too strong to tackle.


Mrs. Lewis was teaching the children how to present themselves to the public by not looking afraid. She encouraged them even if

they felt afraid to pretend that they were not. She said if they felt in danger to run to the nearest house yelling, “Fire! Fire!” Her reasoning for this was that most people don’t want to become involved when there is trouble. However, people are curious

when they hear the word “Fire!” and want to see where it is. They are more likely to open the door to you or come to your aid,

and the perpetrator would flee knowing that the Police would soon arrive. She was trying to cover all the bases for the safety of the children that she had come to know and love.


The next day Mrs. Lewis had a box sitting on her table filled with ten glasses. She said that she was going to show them how to make

music from the vibrations of different amounts of water in a glass as she ran her finger around the rim of the glass. Some of the children had seen this done and others hadn’t. She set the glasses on a long table carefully pouring more or less water into each glass. She then arranged them in two rows so that she could reach them. She wet her finger and began running her finger around the top of one of the glasses and then moved to another glass to do the same thing. Pretty soon sounds of different vibrations were filling the room and everyone sat quietly in awe.


She said that the class could come up one at a time to try to make the sounds or to play a song for them. They all laughed but she explained that some people can and do make beautiful music from playing the glasses of water as long as their finger was wet and

the water was at a different level in each glass. She showed them how to play ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ by using only six different glasses. Each glass made a different sound for the six notes that you hear in this particular song. The children clapped as if she had performed on stage playing a beautiful instrument.


Each day some of the children were bringing in ideas that they had discussed with their parents. Anthony raised his hand, and said  

that he and his father had talked about the heat waves that you see coming off of the road in the distance when it was summer. His

father had explained it as a thermal effect. This is moisture or thermal movements of molecules evaporating from the hot surface of

the road rising up into the atmosphere. It created the effect of a vibrational image appearing as a moving mass of air that looked

like water from a distance.


Mrs. Lewis was impressed by the amount of thought that the children had contributed to this subject. She had learned much from

the children and had also found a new way of teaching. Involving the children both by listening and by participating fully in class kept

their attention. She wished that she had recorded their conversations daily so that she could have made a handbook on the subject

of ‘vibrational frequencies’ to use again, and to pass along to other teachers. She loved teaching and was always looking for new ways

to introduce new subjects that required the children’s participation in class.


Joey raised his hand quite slowly. Mrs. Lewis was thrilled to see him interacting in class and acknowledged him. He said that he and his family had discussed the word ‘mirage,’ which means optical illusion. They had talked about being in the desert and walking in the

heat when by chance you think that you see water, and when you get there you only find more sand much to your disappointment.

This has happened to many people in the past. Joey said that he looked it up on the computer. It said a ‘mirage’ is due to the total reflection of light on the surface being reflected from the clouds and sun from another source, which may or may not be nearby. It is seen, commonly in an inverted position, while the real object may or may not be in sight. An optical illusion is when an

atmospheric refraction by a layer of hot air distorts or inverts reflections of distant objects. Mrs. Lewis thanked Joey for looking it up and sharing it with the class. She added, “A mirage is a vibrational illusion that fools many people whether in the desert or on land such as the heat rising from the road causing a mirage appearing to be water or particles of air waves floating across the road. She was pleased with how Joey was coming out of his shell and becoming more outgoing and attentive in class. The class had found that just because you are quiet doesn’t make you any less valuable than the other children. They were also noticing that Joey had much to offer even when they were playing together.


He had needed a little attention in order to make him look at how others saw him and she encouraged him to be more open with

others. He learned that he first must like himself, and know that he is as valuable to the world as everyone else. Now that he had friends he found out that he was a pretty neat guy that had been hiding under his shyness for fear of rejection. Today would be the last day of the subject of ‘vibrational frequencies.’


She had saved the word ‘death’ for last for the simple reason of the meaning and the sound of the word. The word ‘death’ even carried a certain vibration of finality with it and she hated to use that particular word. It was a word that more people chose not to use by saying that someone had ‘just passed,’ or that Mr. Jones had just ‘crossed over.’


 As the children took their seats they noticed that a few new words had been added to the chalkboard. One was ‘death’ and the other two were ‘passed on’ and ‘crossed over.’ The children looked at each other with dread and you could feel the vibrations of fear and dread as they looked at Mrs. Lewis. She smiled warmly at them and said that she had saved this word for last. She went over to the chalkboard and said the dreaded word.


She said, “death.” Then she looked at the children’s reaction of them withdrawing within themselves and she could feel their fear of

this word. She quickly erased the word and smiled. She asked them if that made them feel better. Anthony raised his hand and said that his dad calls it, ‘kicked the bucket.’ Everyone laughed and that was just what needed to happen at this moment. Mrs. Lewis said that she would have to remember not to ‘kick the bucket.’ Joey said that his mother always said that his “grandpa bought the farm” but he didn’t understand how when he had just died. Mrs. Lewis smiled and gave him a hug. She explained to Joey and to the class that the saying, “bought the farm” meant that someone had just ‘passed over.’ Joey knew that his grandfather was dead, so she

didn’t feel the need to use that dreaded word again.


She continued to say that when they say that you just bought the farm it is because your insurance policy paid off the debt of the

farm or home, leaving a free title to the one that they had willed it to. Joey said, “That would be my Grandmother, because I heard her tell my mom that she was glad that the farm was paid for. She still lives there and we visit her often. She sold the cows, but she kept the chickens and the goats.” He said that he always enjoyed playing with the goats and running from them when they tried to butt him with their head. Everyone laughed and the class seemed to be taking the subject lighter than she had expected.


She explained that when one passes over their soul leaves their body and it is the termination of life, as we know it. The Soul sheds

the body as if it were an overcoat and feels free of a heavy weight of existence. The soul then knows that there is more to life than the fear of ‘death.’ The soul is now free to return to Heaven where it will move through the tunnel into the light and on to a beautiful place of love and harmony among all souls, plants and animals. We all have vibrations of life that pass on to a better place where there is no end to love and to gaining knowledge through vibrational frequencies of love. There are many souls going to the light which will find a loved one or an Angel waiting for them glowing iridescently bright, giving off the most precious love vibrations to welcome them home. What most of us don’t know is that we are Spirit or Soul embodied within a body of flesh and have come to this Earth plane to learn lessons of love and forgiveness.


When we ‘pass over’ we return home once again free of the burden of worries and financial problems. We are whole once again

and become well by the healing light of love. We become an energy of light and love able to travel at will to visit our loved ones

and to move on to another dimension where we will see what lessons we have learned in this life. We will understand and forgive our

self and begin again anew.


Many of our lessons in life may be painful, but they result from our actions. We can choose to live a life of freedom by choosing to do what is right and acknowledging that the Soul is the vehicle of individual personal existence. We are here to learn love and to share

our light with one another. There is no reason to fear ‘death’ because life goes on, only in a more loving environment where our

loved ones can still see us. They may even contact us through spirit form vibrations by causing the lights to blink, or for you to feel their vibrations near you. Some people may even see or hear their loved one occasionally. It depends upon how open you are to the vibrations that surround you forever.


She said that there were many ways of ‘passing over’ or ‘crossing over.’ She asked the class how they would prefer to discuss this subject and they all agreed that they felt more comfortable saying ‘passed over.’ She leaned back in her chair and began by telling

them that some people ‘pass over’ because of an illness or from some type of an accident. She was watching each child in case

one of them was to become emotional. She began by saying, “Some people choose to take their lives for different reasons. This is a sad way to ‘pass over’ because we are supposed to continue with our life experiences until the right time to pass over is here. These people will be healed and helped with their problems that they created on Earth but will have to work harder to perfect their soul and regain harmony within their heart. Perhaps they were lonely, sick, mentally disturbed, or chemically imbalanced. Others take their own lives because their heart was broken from losing a loved one, or life was too harsh for them to tolerate anymore. They forgot that they had a choice in how they lived their life and became stuck in a sad, painful life of fear and dread for each day that they faced.


She said that if the ones that had lost a loved one had given themselves a little more time that they would have seen that time helps heal all wounds. With time they would have remembered their lost loved one with loving memories, instead of the pain that they

felt when they thought that they couldn’t live without their loved one. There were many reasons for taking ones own life and some were because the person knew that they were terminally ill, and didn’t want the family to see them suffer. Other people ‘passed over’ by an act of violence from another person. She explained to the class to remember her warnings of listening to their heart, or their inner vibrational feelings of a warning, when they felt they were in danger. She warned them not to stay in harm’s way but to get away to a safe place. Some people would still be alive had they listened to their vibrational frequencies warning them of impending danger.


Billy raised his hand and asked, “Where do they ‘pass over’ to?” Mrs. Lewis said that she could give them her version of where she felt they had passed over to, but they must understand that not everyone would agree. Dusty raised his hand and said, “My dad says that when you’re dead, you’re dead, and that’s the end of it.” Mrs. Lewis said that she knew how some people felt about it, but

she would like to share a brighter way of looking at someone you love ‘passing over.’


She closed her eyes for a moment and said that if you found yourself walking through a tunnel and saw a bright light that you would

probably choose to go to the light rather than wander around in the tunnel. She would hope that the people in the tunnel now would

see the light, and the Angel waiting for them and that they would go towards the light. She asked the class if they would go towards the light, and they all said, of course they would. She said that some choose to stay in the tunnel because they are afraid to leave the Earth behind, and are afraid to move into the light for fear of losing sight of their loved ones or the place that they knew as home. She said that if we offer a prayer for them to move towards the light that they will hear and hopefully move on.


She said that there has been many near death experiences that people came back to life unexpectedly and were sad to find themselves

alive and wanted to return to where they had come from, which they called ‘Heaven.’ When asked why they replied, “Because a beautiful Angel motioned for me to follow her and she guided me into the most wonderful light of love that you could imagine. The feeling of love was vibrating right through me and the warmth of the soft Angelic music invited me to stay and be one with them.” They went on to say that their family and friends that had already ‘passed over’ before them were all there waiting for them. All of them were healthy and young again as if they were about thirty years old. “They glowed with such a warm loving light that no one could resist staying in such a harmonious place filled with a light that emitted a true love for all. Even the birds were singing and the animals were with their owners after they ‘passed over’ too. The vibrational frequencies were so light, and my body was no longer with me. It felt as if I were floating without the gravity that we have here on Earth and I was without a body to weigh me down. I felt as if I was emitting a beautiful light like the others with a different vibration to it.” “Everything was so peaceful and love permeated everything in sight. The soft rainbow colors of the Cathedrals were the walls, and music was wafting out of them. I glowed like the others with my same personality and I knew each one of them from their own vibrations that I remembered when we were alive on Earth.”


When asked why they returned, a tear rolled down her cheek and she thoughtfully said that a large beautiful Angel took her by the hand leading her through the tunnel explaining to her that her time here on Earth was not up. She had much more to share with others including her visit to Heaven. There were many lessons to teach and many lessons left to learn before she could return.”


The class listened intently, not noticing as Mrs. Lewis wiped a tear from her eye and she smiled lovingly at the children so willing to

learn. She now knew why she had to return to Earth to teach and serve these precious children. She had learned many lessons already

studying the subject of ‘vibrational frequencies’ with her class and their willingness to add to their discussion that had lasted longer

than one week.


She told the children that she loved them with all of her heart and that she promised that she would be there for them if they were ever in need. The class looked forward to this school year with Mrs. Lewis as their loving and kind teacher. They all smiled as she closed the subject and realized how much they had learned from her in one week.


With that the bell rang and class was dismissed for the weekend. Mrs. Lewis was surprised and thankful to be allowed to remember

that it was she that had been led back through the tunnel to the Earth plane. She was happy to share her thoughts and love with her

family at home and her family of children that she chose each year to take under her wing. She thanked God and her loving Angels for allowing her another chance to give of herself to such open willing little souls waiting to hear the truth. She knew that this year was going to be a year that she would never forget. She intended to reach the children’s attention by letting them participate with as much enthusiasm in all of the subjects she was teaching. Not only was this subject a valuable lesson for the children but one of a great eye opening experience for Mrs. Lewis.