I have a suggestion for everyone in their home saving pennies because they find them to be a nuisance. Let that NUISANCE become a BLESSING in disguise. I urge every family member, and every neighbor to encourage one another to gather their pennies in force and drop them off at their local fire station. Our pennies will surmount the gift of giving from our hearts if each and every individual would follow this example. I am confident that we could help rebuild, feed, clothe and show our love to those affected by the Attack on America if we begin this campaign today. Send your children door to door pulling wagons if you must. Set up collection boxes in the stores and banks. We can make a great difference even when we think that there is nothing to do. Most people have pennies lying around not being used, that may not be able to help in any other way. What better cause for the lonesome penny than to rebuild our National Monuments and feed our loved ones of the United States. God Bless America for the many ways that we can contribute to our fellow man. I am sure that no one has ever thought a penny could mean so much to the World gathered in abundance quickly and collectively. May our spirit of love and freedom reign forever.

Sunday, 9/16/01 Rachel Farley, Ashley Cowgill, and Sarah Hopkins along with two of my Grandson's Aaron Hall, and Dustin Clinard. They went door to door and collected approximately $350.00 which we took to the Fire Station on Rt.202 in Huber Heights. We will continue to collect donations for one hour each evening this week and deliver the money to our brave, protective Firemen. I am proud of our children as loving, giving citizens who care deeply for other people and are willing to give of their time to help others.
On Monday 9/17/01 our ten year old daughter Rachel Farley and her best friend Ashley Cowgill went house to house asking for donations to help the Fire Fighters in New York City. They walked for one hour and forty-five minutes and collected $130.00. We took it to the Fire Station on Rt. 202 and met a very gracious man there that helped them put the money into their collection buckets. His name is Bill Faun. He permitted the girls their wish to have their picture sitting on the front of the Fire Truck. They were so excited and proud to be there. They were also impressed that he stood with them in a picture, standing by Truck 23. Thank God for such giving, patient men to protect us in time of need. The girls said that they wouldn't be afraid of anything with him around to protect our community. As you can see he is large in stature, and has a big heart. Thank you so much Mr. William Faun, we will never forget your kindness to two little girls that are doing their best to help others that have suffered a very grave tragedy. We are so proud that they are so compassionate about others less fortunate and give of their time after school to show their allegiance to our great Country. We would also like to thank our Community for showing their support of our Children working for a cause and contributing so generously.



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