Memorial For Those

Touched by the Attack on America


Flowers from our garden to your heart


     Heavenly Father,

    Heal our wounds, thoughts, and fears brought about by senseless acts of terrorism. Touch those grieving with your love and comfort for their loved ones they lost so abruptly. Open your welcome arms to those who have crossed over. Bless them with your love and give them peace through your healing light. Give strength to those who have searched tirelessly through the days and the dreadful rubble of ruin. Renew their Faith in the Unity of one another. Bless us with brighter days filled with endearing memories of our friends and loved ones. To thee we turn in our darkest hour to understand and pray for your mercy on our Country and loved ones. Bless our lives with an amicable ending to this situation without a War between worlds that will bring about more loss of life and grief.

In Thy Name we pray,           


I share my love with you and Pray for our return to normalcy and safety from further tragedy all over the World. Unite hand in hand, Family to Family, Neighbor to Neighbor, and Stranger to Stranger. For United We Stand. God Bless America.  

Your friend in Spirit, Tamara Lesley.


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