Magic of Life

Looking through the eyes of a small child they behold many wondrous and exciting things to explore as they grow into adults. Their imagination blends somewhere between the truth and reality. In reality most of the objects of magic are tangible which we can see, hear, feel, smell or touch.
Sometimes, even their imagination will supply them with a feeling of touch, sight, smell and sound. Much of life is a mystery to all of us. Our children's minds are so open to the truth as they see it. You may hear them playing with an imaginary friend, or they may tell you all about them. We discourage our children's imagination, and are afraid that others may find them a bit off center from reality. Actually, their imaginary friend is quite real, and was assigned to be one of their many Guides through life. Sometimes they may even appear as a small friend that they feel comfortable confiding in, and playing with alone.
If you watch a newborn child you will see them smiling and looking off into the distance at something you do not understand, see or hear. They may even hold their little arms out to their friends from the other side and smile with a gleam of acknowledgement in their eye. They are much wiser than we realize. You should hold them and speak to them as if they understand what you are saying.
They may understand even more than you know. Read to them while you are still carrying them in your womb and talk to them. Your voice and vibrations of others around you are conditioning the unborn child to many sounds and vibrations of the world in which they are about to enter. They relate and react to peoples' voices and vibrational energy and recognize us as soon as they are born and laid gently in our arms.
Their little minds have not had the misfortune yet of being taught to close themselves off from the world from whence they came. They can still access the spiritual realms, and our world through their sense of vibratory energy fields. They have come to experience life and learn about love, and how to share their light with the world.
They are a gift to us, and we are a gift to them. We are chosen by them before birth, and should shower them with love and guidance to the path that they chose before even being conceived. We should feel blessed when a soul chooses us to be their mainstay of love and connection to the world in which they are born. It is a great joy and responsibility to have such a small bundle of joy to teach all that they need to know in order to grow up to be productive, intuitive and loving individuals. We each make the decision to be born and raised by families of our own choosing so that we may learn the lessons that we need to learn. We may wonder why we would choose to have a rough childhood, and maybe grow up without a goal or any ambition to improve our life. It is because we have forgotten to look inside for the love of our own Soul, and question our destiny in this lifetime. Many choices await us, and offer us many opportunities to become whom we are inside. We need only listen to our Guides whispering those helpful little thoughts that run through your mind when you are relaxed or at your wits' end. We each make the decision to be born and raised by families of our own choosing so that we may learn the lessons that we need to learn. We may wonder why we would choose to have a rough childhood, and maybe grow up without a goal or any ambition to improve our life. It is because we have forgotten to look inside for the love of our own Soul, and question our destiny in this lifetime. Many choices await us, and offer us many opportunities to become whom we are inside. We need only listen to our Guides whispering those helpful little thoughts that run through your mind when you are relaxed or at your wits' end.
Life is about choice, and life is full of magic if we choose to reach out for the gift of love, light and manifesting. To love yourself is magic in itself because it is something that you have to work at. You must give yourself permission to learn and do anything that your heart desires for your own good. Always remember, "That where there is a will, there is a way, also that action brings about reaction."
Never take 'no' for an answer if it doesn't feel right to you. Question the reasoning behind it. There may very well be a good reason for it, but you must explore all avenues before you give in to that simple two-letter word. Question if the word 'no' was for your benefit, or for another reason.
Teach your children that their imaginary playmates that they enjoy calling by their chosen given name, or even feeding them are as real as we are, only in a different dimension of time. Allow them the gift of imagination and they will grow up willing to learn and experience life at its best. Tell them to listen to their heart, and make their own decision about how to relate to this special friend that will follow them through life. If we don't forget our Guides and Guardian Angels, or push them away they will always be in our thoughts waiting to assist us when we ask for guidance. Ask your child their playmate's name and teach them that by listening to their inner thoughts from their Guides that life can be much easier.
Teach them to know their Spirit Guide's presence by letting them know when they feel goose bumps, a light pressure across the forehead, or a gentle breeze that it is a sign or conformation that their guide is with them. Some of our spirit friends will even come to visit and give you a sign of something you knew of familiarity such as perfume or a light touch on your hand or cheek. They check in quite regularly to see how we are doing and encourage us to do better. If they are taught this as children that this is a gift, you will soon begin to learn much from your own children.
You will also begin to reacquaint yourself with your own guides. They never leave us but wait in the wings for your awakening to the reality of having someone to lean on, and guide you in any endeavor. They are just a vibration away in our thoughts, and would love to enjoy life with us through the good times and the bad. They may even help us get through trying lessons if we ask for their assistance.
Meditate on your problem without allowing outside interference, and follow what you feel is the right thing to do. Ask your guide for their name, and the first name that comes to mind is the name that they will be drawn to when you call on them for help and inspiration. Teach your children well, and tell them that their Guides will guide and protect them even in their senior years. Know that the child you were born to be is always housed within your memory, and that we return to those very feelings and memories in later years.
It would be wonderful if children could grow through life loving themselves and others', knowing that their life had made a lasting impression on those with whom they came into contact with. If we teach our children the old ways of the Indians, that life abounds everywhere and that spirit is here for our protection and guidance we will raise their vibrations to change our Earth to be a better and safer environment on which to live. Teach them to laugh and share their laughter.
Do not discourage them from playing make-believe, because they are seeing and feeling that which we have closed ourselves off from. We have been discouraged by our parents for many generations and told that it was nonsense. How far from the truth could that statement be? Most of us growing up were taught that what you couldn't see, or touch was just fantasy and our parents thought that others would think we were crazy if we spoke about our (imaginary) friends to them.
We come into this life with a Guardian Angel and Guides as a gift from God to be considered our helpmates in times of need or knowledge. We are just beginning to unfold the secrets of life, and the magic that has been with us since the beginning of time. Many of these secrets were not secrets until man decided to try to take the gift of free will or choice; from their fellow man so that they would be worshiped and followed for their own ego.
His love is so great for us that he wants only the best for us, if we will only reach out for the assistance he has so generously given us. It is just that we have not been taught to open ourselves up to Spirit, and to allow our hearts to follow in the direction that we have been led to live a happy and prosperous life. Love surrounds us daily if we open our eyes, hearts and soul to it.
Can you define the meaning of love? There are many meanings of love, which you cannot see or hear; yet you still know that the very essence of love is present. Can you touch or feel love? That is a question for thought. Yes, you can in many different ways. You may feel love if you are being hugged or touched. Even thinking of a loved one will bring feelings of warmth and love to you. You may feel love when petting your dog or cat, or playing with a favorite doll or toy. Love is, and isn't tangible, but it is there for anyone that chooses to know the meaning.
Love comes in many shapes, sizes, and packages and in many thoughts from the appreciation of what life offers us, to the love between a child and their parents. It weaves a web of magic from one person to another.
The magic of love within our life has been discussed in-depth between our nine-year-old daughter and I quite openly and freely many times. Our imagination ran wild with us as a family of three, when we first adopted Rachel. We imagined what we could teach her and places that we could visit with her. We imagined how it would feel to learn to love a new child that needed us so badly. She was three years old with limited speech and no toilet training. Just looking into those wise brown eyes and her dimpled little smile made you want to wrap your arms about her and not let go. We had much to teach this beautiful little bundle of nerves, and she had much to teach us. She was quite a handful and was overwhelmed with anger, and insurmountable doubts about the way life should be for her. You could see the doubt of love and the questions of life in her eyes. It was as if she didn't expect too much good to come her way. She was a very nervous child and needed to be taught love through actions and words.
You could look deep into those brown eyes and see a very old soul looking back at you with great expectations. We were not sure that we were the right ones' to try to give her an abundance of love and a fulfilling life at our age. We were also afraid of raising her, and then not have that love returned in later years. We were almost as fearful of being hurt by rejection as she was. We wondered just how willing she was to accept new people into her life to trust, and love as part of her family forever.
Having already raised three children ahead of her that had just left the nest, we were worried about being too old to begin life with a small child that seemed to have problems that might be hard to live with. However after seeing her reaction to us, we knew that we had to try to open her little heart up to love others and herself. She desperately needed a father and mother and Richard and I were willing to try after much soul searching.
We began making many plans to open up the world of love to her that she had missed. She is now nine, and still hungers for knowledge about the world that we live in. We travel with her to many places that she can enjoy, and learn from experience. Her little soul hungered for our full attention at three and still does at nine years of age. She may always have questions about her life and why she was given up even though she is related. Hopefully we will give her the tools to understand and acknowledge life for what choices were made for her benefit. It is to her benefit to know the family and feel their love also when she wishes to visit them occasionally.
We are very protective of this inquisitive little girl who still has her times of anger and bewilderment. She also is a lovely child that wants respect and knowledge. She tries very hard to please us, and needs to be accepted by everyone for who she is. She is learning about herself, and tries very hard to show others. She is like a diamond in the rough, and she is trying to polish the rough edges to allow the beauty of her soul to shine through. She and I sing many songs of letting our light shine and sharing our love and smiles with others.
We try to be good examples for her so that when she grows up she will become a productive and loving citizen in this great big world. We want to weave the very essence of love, and respect for others in her, as we raise her for our very own gift from God. She intuitively knows her limits, and pushes herself to overcome them. She understands that discipline is to teach her to control her emotions, and that it is given lightly and accordingly with the action.
When she first came to us we had to decide whether she would call us mom and dad, or by our given names. We took her out on our pontoon boat on one of our first days together. It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoying watching her as she was so amazed by the vastness of the water, and the wind in her hair. Her eyes sparkled as if she had found the element for which she had been longing. She nonchalantly said, "Daddy, can I drive?" Of course magic took its course and we instantly became 'Mommy and Daddy' to her. She brought tears to both of our eyes and we instantly knew that she was meant to be with us. She even began learning to swim that day and laughed and played in the water as it washed away all the doubts and fears of her being with us. She was such a beautiful little three-year-old that was starving for love and attention. Ever since that day she became our little girl to love, provide for, and to help grow mentally and physically to the best of her ability. Studies are a challenge and we work with them daily with tears and laughter.
Sometimes, life can be quite trying when you are not used to having to deal with a child that is labeled ADD/HD combined with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She understands that through her birth mother's use of drugs and alcohol while she was carrying her that it makes it harder for her to learn than other children and harder to control her anger.
It is hard for her to focus her attention on one thing too long, or to willingly accept orders. She abhors the word "no" and will give us quite a fight until we can reason with her that it is for her best interest. She is working hard to improve, and she is growing more loving daily as she ages. We all know that there will be days of agony and days of triumph as we give it our all to share life with one another.
We do have a long ways to go to guide her on the right path. In our home, the word adoption means to raise a beautiful child with love, patience and compassion that chose us to be her parents. All three of us understand that we will have our ups and downs with one another, but we also understand that all families do. We are proud to be her parents and accept her for our very own even when she is a bit trying, and she feels the same about us.
We work very hard on anger management at home and strive to teach her that you should not strike out at one another in anger by way of physical or mental abuse. She is such a beautiful child that draws you to her like a magnet. Her personality is like magic, and her anger is like fire. She is wonderful sometimes, and at other times she can be a handful as much as other children. We decided when she was five years old to incorporate a psychologist to help us understand her ways, and how to reach her more effectively. We love her for who she is at any moment and express it to her daily. Her Teachers when she was small and all of our friends and associates say that she is a very loving child and they enjoy her company. Rachel is 15 years old now and a beautiful young lady but she has Anger Management Issues and is drawn too much to the boys. We are working with her and she is taking Lexapro 20 mg. daily to try to keep her anger in check. We love her but we can not allow her to grow up like she wants to and we have a Psychiatrist and School that is helping us try to teach her self control.
Written by: Tamara Lesley


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