Loss of Loved Ones

Reunite With The Knowledge Of Spirit

Family members and spirit come to visit many times in your dreams. Accept your dreams, and allow them to bring peace to your heart. Spirit can and will enter our dreams to give us a premonition of events about to happen if they feel it would be beneficial to you, and not interfere with God�s plan in your life. They may also come in just to remind you of their love for you. Spirit may find that the only time they can find your thoughts free from the cares of the world are while you are sleeping. They then, take the opportunity to help you understand what is happening in your life. Maybe you have forgotten what you chose to learn, and keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. They will remind you of your souls� mission and what it means to you sometimes in a dream.
You may be grieving for a family member. You may find you are having quite a hard time working through the loss. I have been there. My father, Homer Boggs, had crossed over many years ago. I had been thinking about him all day and could feel him with me. When I went to bed that night I asked him to visit with me in my dreams. I miss the twinkle of love in his eyes, and his ready smile for anyone.
In time, I fell into a deep sleep that felt as if I had left my body and visited another dimension of time. In my dream state, I felt myself sitting, on an ornately carved bench in the center of the most glorious light filled Chapel. The walls seemed to be breathing the most soft-hued colors without definition of where the walls began or ended.
It was quite large, with no other seats except for this beautiful bench. The feeling of love and expectation I felt was overwhelming. A beautiful light seemed to float gently, flowing towards me with the most beautiful colors streaming and whirling, into this breathtakingly, beautiful place. I could never begin to describe the brilliance and outpouring of love from this light being. I gasped and said "Dad?" I knew it was my father, in spirit form. I felt within my very soul the outpouring of love, and I was with the most gentle loving soul I had known besides my grandparents, and mother.
I immediately felt my spirit form being lifted, ever so gently into the vast space of this amazing Chapel. I felt my soul blending, with this indescribable light being that was my father. Our souls whirled softly around and through the very being of the Chapel. The love, the colors, and the joy I was receiving humbled me. I was with my father, the most gentle loving soul, again.
I heard and felt the most Angelic music that floated right through us. The walls, music and essence of the Chapel felt as if it were a breathing living form.
I glanced down at the beautifully carved bench and breathed the word "Grandma." There she was in all of her beauty and grace smiling up at us with the softest glow about her, my grandmother Ada Boggs Craycraft.
The beauty of her spirit matched that of my father, and her energy merged with us, whirling gently about the room. I could feel the living light of love and such reverence for God and life. I have no knowledge of the length of time we embraced and shared our love. The feeling of timeless beauty, and love will never escape me. I know I was with them, and nothing could ever compare to the beauty of their soul and their love for me.
The sheer joy I felt when I awoke with the vivid memory of my visit with my father, and grandmother was reassuring to me that I will never be without them. I know they are around, and are awaiting our reunion once again.
I know now what pure love is, and we will never be able attain that state of complete love until we return to our Creator. We must strive to find spiritual love with one another while on this Earth. It is our duty to help guide each other through the rough times, and to keep our eyes on our own path of enlightenment.
We need to examine our goals in life, and realize that the material things of the world are not important to our souls� journey.