My wish is to touch those in need of Healing or Lifes requests.


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tamara Lesley. I am fifty-two years old and have been learning about the Divine Universal gifts given to me for many years. My husband Richard, and our nine-year-old daughter Rachel live in Dayton, Ohio. We also have two grown daughters and one son that are finding their own path at their own pace.

As a Child I was raised in a very structured religious home. I felt different from others in the Church and could not accept the political doctrination that required us to live as martyrs before the world. I would hear about someone in the hospital and long to go to them to ask for the Healing Angels to work through me as I lay my hands on them. I knew that the power of our Creator would flow through me to align the health of their body and Spirit, as it should be. I was taught that hearing or seeing Spirit was of the Devil and that prophecy would damn you to eternal hell. I questioned how God could be considered loving if he required us to lead meager, unhappy lives fearful of the outcome of our departure from Earth.

It took me years of searching and wondering about the very existence of a God that could be called loving, yet so callous as to send so many people to a place of pain and misery. After many years I opened my heart to understand that the many lessons I had experienced had taught me to love myself and know that God was in me.

Many years ago I found the truth and the light from a small group called, "The Circle of Light and Love,", At 4016 Cedar Hills Ave. Springfield, Ohio. Sunday services are from 11:00am-1:00pm. The last friday of every month a all Message service is held at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome. Love Donation of Three Dollars is appreciated. The Pastor, Rev. Ruby O'Neal is a very loving soul that emanates love from the pureness of her heart just by being in her presence. She began to help me unlock the secrets of the Universe and the gifts that God had graciously bestowed upon me. I learned that lessons are presented before us to allow us to choose our path at our own pace, and to experience the Knowledge of unconditional love for others and ourselves. We are not here to judge one another but to work on our own journey of the soul.

I would describe myself as a Spiritualist on a mission to find my true destiny of sharing my love with the world through writing inspirational and channeled messages from Spirit. I am also a psychic healer,author, mother, wife, friend, and lover of all expressions of life. I thank Our Creator for our glorious Earth, the galaxy of the stars and many planets in which we live. I find it utterly amazing that the stars and planets can dictate our traits and personalities through astrology. We were generously provided for, in order for us to choose how to learn to become an expression of our God source.

There are many dimensions and vibrations that I open myself to, and invite you to experience the pure joy of living in such a wondrous surrounding for a short period of time in which we call life. We must learn to love one another and share our light as a Universal experience for our Unity as One in our journey back to the light.

Blessings and love to all who struggle within themselves to know the truth of life and the many dimensions we will all experience in another time and space. Our soul is never ending and houses many spiritual lessons for our spirit to perfect our journey of love.

Your friend in Spirit, Tamara Lesley.


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