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I would like to close this interesting journey in my life, with a tribute to some very engaging senior citizens that I met while visiting a local Nursing home. As they spend there last days there they have many interesting stories to share. While visiting with them I couldn�t help wonder what their life had been. Were they kind, and gentle, or quick to anger? Then I thought, �It doesn�t matter, they have walked their path the way they chose. Soon they will be in the light. Love and laughter will be their reward, free at last of the tattered old body they have worn.

I went home that night contemplating the lives of these dear old characters. Spirit kept me up all night writing poems about many of these dear old Souls. So, I would love to share them with you. May the light of God surround you with his Love no matter where this finds you, or who you are. I leave you with love, and hope for a brighter and happier future.



I know I'm an old woman it's plain to see,

But that's not who I am when you're looking at me.

I am that little girl named Rosalee, with long brown hair Hanging down my back.

People said I was quite a brat, but I don't think I was really all that.

I am strong -willed it's plain to see.

I know what you're thinking when you're looking at me.

I used to be pretty so I was told, but you'd never know it now that I'm old.

I look in the mirror, and who do I see?

That same child named Rosalee.

Though wrinkles march across my face,

Rosalee, as a child I still embrace.



Touch me gently for my skin is thin,

My bones are fragile, they'd never mend.

My mind may wander from time to time.

I cry for forgiveness for words said wrong.

My old body still holds my spirit within,

Calling for freedom to just begin.

So as my life force ebbs away, my prayers are

That you lift my spirits from day to day.

A smile and a hug from time to time,

Just a moment's attention lets me feel life all over again.

As you care for me you think it will never end.

I'm sorry my dear on you I depend.

You feel my fear - my longing to leave is just as severe.

For the comfort you share will be there for you when

You're in my chair.

When I take my last breath I leave you with love.

I know you're gentle care will come full circle from Heaven above.



Angel of mercy hear me pray,

Give me patience for the day.

My hands are crippled, they are so old.

My eyes so dim, I am so cold.

Please send me someone to comfort me.

I close my eyes and I pray.

If only someone could visit me today.

I am so lonesome and so sad,

If I could read a book or watch TV

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

A lady walked in and sat by my side,

She held my hand and then I cried.

Thank you dear Lord for hearing the prayer

Of such an old woman, I knew you were there.



Bring me a child so I can see her face.

Her eyes so bright and full of grace.

My arms reach out to feel her embrace,

Bringing back memories of my daughter so dear,

Whom I've outlived for many a year.

My dreams are of her, I can see her face.

The memory of her, age can never erase.

Though I grow feeble and dwindle away,

The light of my life in my heart she will stay.

I see her standing at the foot of my bed,

Bathed in a white light shimmering away.

She smiles at me and holds out her hand,

I leave my body engulfed in the light.

Such joy I feel I'm in heaven tonight.

I bid you farewell old friends of mine,

I'll see you soon when it is your time.

Such peace I feel, fear death no more.

I'll see you in heaven with no pain,

And hold you in my arms once again.


A Dear Friend

Who could find such a friend

So dear? It would be an endless

Journey I fear.

The one I'm speaking of has

Many names. He is known as

Father, Brother, Uncle, Teacher,

And most of all Friend. The one

Most of all on his love could depend.

His laughter, his joy, his pureness

Of heart has blessed our lives right

From the start.

He knows no selfishness, and glows

From within. He has shared his love

Without finding fault. He has allowed us

To find our way in life watching carefully

To give a helping hand.

Our love to you our dearest friend

Can only be measured

From deep within.

We know you are leaving us to

Go to the Light, but our love will follow

You for the rest of our life.

Your shining example we'll never

Forget. The kindness you've shown

All through your life has touched so

Many, you're the love of our lives.

We honor and praise you for the love

You have shared.

May God bless you on your Journey

To him. I know He is waiting for his

Best Friend. As you look down from

Heaven above, we'll feel the warmth

From your smile. And if you see us

In a mess, send us your love and

Say "God Bless."

Dedicated to my Uncle, Donald E. Wilcox



As you sit near, you hear me say,

"Did you forget to wash today?'

Dry the dishes and go to bed.

Put out the cat, you better obey!

I mutter and mumble, don't know

What I say.

Please utter a prayer for me today.

You look at me so feeble with age,

You shake your head and don't know

What to say.

Just touch my hand and share your light,

And then I know I'll be all right.

In my mind as I wander away, I long for

Things of yesterday.



I saw a kitten just today,

Or was it only yesterday?

My old memory just fades in and out.

Help me God, I want to shout.

Growing old is such a task,

Why is this happening I want to ask.

My hands are gnarled and racked with pain.

I know that you are here to feed me again.

Slowly I chew much to your chagrin,

And then I dribble down my chin.

You wipe it away with disgust,

But in your heart you know it's a must.

I know what you're thinking. It makes me sad.

I only wish I were with my Dad.

Someday I think, and then I smile.

I know that it will be just a little while.

I'm coming home Dad to be with you,

I'll leave this body far behind.

And like a drop of dew, our light will shine

Forever more our love will bind.


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