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My wish is to touch those in need of Healing or Lifes requests.


Reflecting on my journey through this book in trying to share the truth of Spirit, God and life as I see it and feel, it has boiled down to two words, "vibrations and dimensions." Both words are hard to define as something we can clearly see, hear, feel or touch.

There are many types of vibrations, and many dimensions that we may never be aware of all that the world has to offer us. Yet it is here surrounding our very being with love, offering us much knowledge and waiting to be accepted as a normal part of our life.

We must teach our children that there is more to life than we can see. We must teach them to open their eyes and feelings to Spirit and the life vibrations that emanate from the trees, rocks, animals and all that mother Earth has so abundantly supplied us with. Teach them to touch, listen and feel with their heart. If we do this, our next generation will be open to the many changes that they will be able to create for this world by thought and actions. They will be the ones to save mother Earth from any further harm from our unintentional actions.

The Earth vibrates as it turns on it's axis constantly changing and shifting, the same as Spirit works with us trying to guide us on our path through life without our knowing what is being done for us. Our thoughts create power, happiness, anger, and war. We can control our lives by first clearing our thoughts of any negativity and follow what our heart tells us is right. Listen to your inner voice, it is the voice of your guides trying to lead you in the direction of peace and harmony.

It is possible for anyone to feel the vibrations coming from one another by just holding your hand an inch or so from that person. You should work at picking up the vibrations of plants, rocks, trees and the environment around you. You should be able to feel another person walking into the room without seeing or hearing them. We should be able to sense one another's emotions and not allow them to affect our feelings if they are negative. Optimistic people are the ones that draw good to their lives, and the pessimist always expects the worst, and that is usually what they receive. Be open to change, and it will come by thinking positively.

Positive attitudes enhance your life and open you to receive that which you are seeking. Reach out to others with joy, and use your sixth sense that we have forgotten that was so richly given to us. Allow your life to slow down, and begin feeling with your unconscious mind. Meditate daily to clear your mind of any thoughts that may be harmful to you or others. You will find yourself looking forward to that time alone to examine what Spirit has to offer in thought form.

We fill our lives with extracurricular activities because we are afraid to be by ourselves, and don't know how to enjoy our own company. We must first love who we are and then share that love with others by telling them about the peace that you have found within. Many will notice a difference in your attitude, and congratulate you for it. They will be curious to know your secret, by all means share it.

Try making time for you alone to explore who you are inside, and what you are truly seeking in life. Most of us as we reach adulthood wish for peace, quiet and relaxation with or without a partner. We have grown tired of all the emotions that have usurped our energy and time for the one that really matters, which is you.

Expand your mind to accept the many dimensions of changes that you alone can affect in both your life and your loved ones. Accept the God source within, love yourself, and let your light shine. Peace, after all is what we all need so desperately in our lives. I hope that I have helped many on their path to know that love is what makes the world a better place and the vibrations around them affect them without their knowledge. Many dimensions consume us with thoughts, emotions and the knowledge that there is more to see than meets the eye.

Open to the God force that surrounds our lives and accept the love and help that is so freely offered. May I leave you with thoughts of the unknown that will enhance your life with the search for eternal knowledge from God and help you to open to the many gifts that Spirit, guides, and Angels want to impart to you.

Your friend in Spirit, Tamara Lesley.


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